Learn more about Venda and Tsonga culture, personal touch

Musa Matchume

Musa Matchume is lodge manager at Madi a Thavha Mountain Lodge, but guiding tours with the Madi a Thavha guests and other visitors is his passion.

Tailor made tours, Musa go where your interest go

Musa is a qualified site guide, who studied Travel and Tourism in Johannesburg. After his studies he came back to his area. He is a Tsonga and lives in Waterval near Elim.  He facilitates tours in the Elim area with its artists, crafters and traditional way of life. He takes visitors also to places in Venda such as Lake Fundudzi, Thathe Vondo forest, Tea plantations and the famous potter Rebecca Matibe. His tour programmes are tailor made, meeting the needs of the tourists and while he travels he gives a lot of information about his own culture, and traditional and modern way of life in a rural area. Musa can join guests in their own car or by transport provided by Madi a Thavha Mountain Lodge.