Warm and busy Limpopo winter

Warm and busy Limpopo winter

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We so enjoyed our winter season with all the South African and international guests. July and August are always the busiest months of the year having many European families with children who’d like to explore our area. Guests went on guided Arts and Culture tours almost every day; some went on organised mountain bike tours to the villages along the Soutpansberg and others on guided walks on neighboring farms. We also arranged a visit to a sangoma (African shaman) on request of one of our guests.

Children (and adults) like to learn while playing

Our activity boxes at the lodge consist of activities and games that encourage creative play. Children really enjoy to play while learning. To European children our mild African winters feel like summer and on many winters days there were children, in and out of the pool the whole day long.  While some guests like to explore the region others just enjoy to stay at the lodge , see all the local art on display in our Venda Tsonga CraftArt exhibition, walk to the Baobab tree or talk to our staff to learn more about South Africa and Limpopo. Madi a Thavha is a place where people feel they can relax. We often get guests taking a break from all the early game drives at the surrounding game lodges of Limpopo.

Great development input from Milan and his parents

During August the 12 year old Milan Donkers and his family stayed with us. Milan raised R 9000 with various activities at his school in the Netherlands to support Vhutshilo mountain school for Aids orphans in Venda. He collected bottles, organised a tennis tournament and did some other fund raising at his school to support Vhutshilo school in their quest to start a skills development centre for young school leavers. He allowed his money to be spent on a sewing project so Madi a Thavha first bought an overlocker and a sewing machine. When Milan and his parents arrived we went with him to Khojas, the local textile store, to buy some Venda and Tsonga fabrics, sewing tools and other haberdasheries. We were really impressed with Milan’s taste and choice of colour combinations!

On Women’s day, the 10th of August, we all went to Vhutshilo mountain school to join a fun run in the village. A group of HIV positive young people were training for a bigger run in Polokwane the next week and to the surprise of the whole village, Milan and his father joined in the race. After that there was an official handover of the sewing equipment to the Vhutshilo sewing team and Milan explained how he did the fundraising. Everybody was so impressed with Milan and also to ‘discover’ that they can actually do the same.

The sewing team will attend further skills training at Madi a Thavha in the course of the year.

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