Unique art exhibition Dec-Jan 2015 at lodge

Unique art exhibition Dec-Jan 2015 at lodge

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Well-known Zimbabwean artist Nonny Mathe applies different mediums and techniques like batik and acryl paint on textile and canvas. The maize flour resist she uses to create the cracking effect, give her work striking layers of texture and depth. Her paintings are mainly abstract and semi-abstract with moving figures captured in bold, rich colours.

 Workshop taught art techniques on textile at lodge

Nonny facilitates workshops for art students in Zimbabwe and did a five day training course for local artists and crafters at Madi a Thavha Mountain Lodge during the first week of November this year teaching various batik-like techniques, knot-and-dye, acrylic paint and textile printing methods. Her own work will be on exhibit at the lodge from 1 Des until 31 January 2015.

Shortage of men?

“Women always figured strongly in my paintings. I recently realized that there is actually a shortage of men in Zimbabwe, in fact, I mainly see groups of women everywhere.” One of her recent paintings is called Men shortage. Thinking aloud she says smiling:  “Maybe I will call my next painting, Where are all the men?“ Her previous exhibitions and awards include: A solo exhibition at the National gallery in Bulawayo in 2012, Group exhibitions in Bulawayo, Harare, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique and Denmark. She won the Best Piece merit award at the 1996 Longman Heritage Exhibition in Harare and Best Female Artist award of the Visual Art Association of Bulawayo in 2011.

Exhibition runs untill end of January next year

Nonny is a resident artist at the national gallery in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Her exhibition will be on display at Madi a Thavha Mountain lodge, 10km west of Makhado Louis Trichardt on the Vivo/R522 road. The exhibition will run until end of January 2015 and will be open for viewing from 9h-16h daily. If not staying at the lodge, please call Madi a Thavha Mountain Lodge at +27(0)15 516 0220 or +27 (0)83 342 4162 to arrange viewing.

Major art exhibition planned for mid 2015 at Madi a Thavha too

“Some of the best and most popular works of various Crafters and Artists of Northern Limpopo will be selected for a major CraftArt exhibition planned at Madi a Thavha in May next year,” says Marcelle Bosch, co-owner of the lodge.

Nonhlanhla Mathe  VISUAL ARTIST    +263 (0) 77 222 5130   [email protected]

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