Welcome to our NEW rural-hip website!

Welcome to our NEW rural-hip website!

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Pam-pam-pam……welcome to Madi a Thavha mountain lodge’s new website!  What has changed? You now have an easy-click virtual “coffee-table-travellers’ guide” to vibrant Northern Limpopo, literally at the tip of your thumbs. Your homework of what to do and see and where to stay in Northern Limpopo all ready on a silver plate – and a mobile one for that matter too!

Why all the fuss?

  • We often got feed-back from our guests that the lodge is in reality much nicer than the pictures on the website, we now tried to do justice to our special rural-hip lodge in 2-D, see if you agree?
  • Our lodge and tours have changed for the better and we’d like to update you on the many positive aspects of living and lodging and travelling in colourful Northern Limpopo.
  • At the same time we grabbed the opportunity to make our website also more user friendly and most important also mobile user-friendly! We sort of added an easy-click, “coffee-table-travellers’ guide” to Northern Limpopo, literally at your fingertips.  Easy clicking between exciting activities or tour options and very easy and quick to choose & book your room, suite or even package.
  • Our new website presents Madi a Thavha as a destination and we really hope to promote our beautiful area and everything that you can do and experience here, from mountain biking to cultural tours and workshops with our Venda and Tsonga artists and crafters.
  • We’ve created a vibrant tool to present Northen Limpopo’s funky, rural-hip lifestyle as it really is and will continue to add information about activities, tours, artists and community projects. We invite everybody to contribute by sending nice pictures or information about our area.
  • This way we also like to celebrate and acknowledge the people of Northern Limpopo with the rich cultural heritage of the Venda, Tsonga and Northern Sotho people that make this region so special. We are grateful for the privilege and opportunity we had to get to know each other and for the strides we took together to create our own fun, entertainment and platforms for discussion and gather so many photos ourselves and of locals of daily way of life, traditional and modern.

Our Travel magazine / newsletter can update you 4 x per year about new developments, interesting articles and special packages if you’d like to subscribe. We like to make the Travel magazine an interactive tool and will appreciate your feed-back and recommendations or stories of your experiences in Northern Limpopo and on the information and articles we offer.

Developing the new website was a massive job and we would like to thank the team who developed it.

Bas Rennings of Red Earth web design, our webdesigner

Besides his technical work Bas lead us through the process to develop a coherent and human-centered business vision for Madi a Thavha in this unique evironment. He is a creative, business consultant and facilitator with business savvy and a warm heart.

Elthea Schlesinger our writer and stand-by photographer

Elthea wrote and re-wrote all the text, took and re-took many photos and sorted and re-sized our extensive photo library with its many contributors. She gave every photo its title, and spent many hours to learn to do it our way.

Petra Terblanche and Harold Kolkman, curators of our Dancing Fish gallery

We also like to thank Harold Kolkman and Petra Terblanche, as the curators of our Dancing Fish gallery. They shared their deep knowledge of Northen Limpopo in this excellent, professional and vibrant way so we can offer a meaningful and exciting product to our guests.

Stefan Carmer and Erika Hauff-Cramer for gratis information sharing

We also would like to express our appreciation for the contributions of Stefan Carmer and Erika Hauff-Cramer related to information and photos of a whole group of the Venda and Tsonga woodcarvers of our area.

YOU our guests, thank you for visiting

Also to you our guests who return again and again , on the web and in real life, and who inevitably becomes part of our growing family of kindred spirits loving rural Africa..especially the hip and funky north of Limpopo in Southern Africa!

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