Still weak but Thomas Kubayi much better

Still weak but Thomas Kubayi much better

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It has been a few months since friends from all over the world rallied to get well known Limpopo artist, Thomas Kubayi the treatment required to save his life. Thomas hugely appreciate every single one’s generosity, he returned home confident that he would soon be able to resume work. However, his condition returned and worsened and he had to be admitted to our local private hospital again.

Serious skin condition

Dr Venter, our local GP, has been determined to identify the cause of his condition and together with Dr Shah, a dermatologist in Polokwane, has made the diagnosis of Erythrodermic psoriasis. This condition of the skin, throws the body’s chemistry off kilter and causes protein and fluid loss that can lead to severe illness. Treatment involves being given intravenous albumin, body wraps, medication and a healthy diet. He will require weekly check-ups and continued tests for an indefinite period now.

Recovering at Madi a Thavha

Marcelle and Aart have offered Thomas and his wife Charlotte accommodation at Madi a Thavha, to be closer to medical care and to assist him with a healthy diet. All the staff at Madi a Thavha are involved with helping him to recover. The Rosmarin family of Leshiba Wilderness is still fundraising to help with Thomas’ hospital care, necessary procedures and medicine.

Thomas is now slowly going back to work, making beautiful small sculptures in clay, since he is not strong enough to work his normal big pieces of wood yet. At Madi a Thavha he is exercising, walking and eating healthy in an inspirational environment with Limpopo art and craft all around him.

If you would like to support Thomas in whatever way, feel free to contact Marcelle at or Kathy at

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