Our Baobab special, a taste of one of Limpopo’s best experiences

Our Baobab special, a taste of one of Limpopo’s best experiences

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Did you know that the fruit of Baobab trees contains 3.6 times more Calcium than milk and 16 times more Potassium than pears? Have you tasted a Baobab cheesecake before?

Our lodge in the Baobab belt

Madi a Thavha mountain lodge is situated in the Baobab-belt of Southern Africa.  Some of the finest specimens of this majestic African symbol can be seen on the more arid northern slopes of the Soutpansberg Mountains and Limpopo river valley. At our lodge on the southern side of the mountain, one can also see a ‘teenage’ Baobab tree of about 500 years on our popular Baobab walk.

Spiritual Trees with many stories

Our Baobab special offers a nice way for the whole family to learn more and ‘experience’ these wonderful indigenous trees, sometimes found in clusters or often as a splendid beacon in the landscape.  The origins of Baobab trees are for instance, shrouded in many stories and folklore. One of the old African stories goes like this:

At the dawn of creation, each of the animals was given a tree. The beautiful baobab was given to the hyenas, who, in their brute carelessness, planted it upside down. On seeing the beauty of all the other trees, the hyenas realized their mistake and have been laughing about it ever since.

The scientific name of the Baobab tree is Adansonia digitata.

Specialist backup

Our local Baobab specialist and conservationist Sarah Venter recently gave our tour guides and staff’s children a crash course in Baobab botanical features. Sarah did her PHD on the characteristics of the Baobab tree and owns Eco Products, a business that processes Baobab fruits into nutritious Baobab powder and cosmetic baobab oil.

What our Baobab special entails – valid from 12 October until 12 December

  • 2 nights stay at Madi a Thavha mountain lodge in a standard guest room
  • Welcome drink
  • Two x breakfasts and two x 3-course dinners, including delicious and super nutritious dishes with Baobab powder – a super fruit and super food.
  • A guided walk with one of our staff members to the huge and beautiful Madi a Thavha Baobab tree
  • Guided tour with your own car, by one of our qualified tour guides to the Baobab area, the villages around the Big Tree in Northern Venda, including a picnic-lunch
  • A 50 ml bottle of Baobab oil produced by Eco Products
  • A container of 200 gram Baobab powder by Eco Products jam packed with nutrients ready to use in your first smoothie back home
  • Explanation and demonstration of Baobab powder recipes and a small recipe book
  • The rate for this Baobab special is R 2700 per person, based on 2 people sharing. Rates for single rooms, more than 2 people, luxury suites and extension of the stay at Madi a Thavha can be done on request.

To book your Baobab treat

Please contact the lodge at Phone +27 (0)15 516 0220 or Cell +27 (0)83 342 4162 or email at [email protected]. Route directions to the lodge, situated 10km west of Makhado/Louis Trichardt is on our website.

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