Madi a Thavha a finalist in Limpopo tourism award

Madi a Thavha a finalist in Limpopo tourism award

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Madi a Thavha was one of three finalists in the lodge category of the Lilizela awards in Limpopo. We attended the award ceremony together with Mopane Bush Lodge and Blyde River Canyon lodge at Zebula lodge and Spa in Bela-Bela. Although we did not win, the staff feel very motivated to enter the competition next year again.

Thank you for voting for Limpopo and the Soutpansberg

A huge thank you to all those who have voted for Madi a Thavha mountain lodge in the SA Tourism’s Lilizela awards! Your vote was really for a rich experience of the stories, customs and raw beauty of the Soutpansberg and its peoples. The golden thread of Limpopo’s cultural heritage runs through our entire lodge and is woven into everything we do and offer.

Madi a Thavha entered the Lilizela competition in 3 categories; As lodge, with our cultural and lifestyle tours in Limpopo and with our able lodge administrator Musa Matchume in the tour guide category. The aim of the Lilizela awards is to recognise and reward excellence and responsible, eco-friendly tourism. A contribution to inclusive growth are important considerations in the judgement process of the awards. We are happy knowing that we had this approach all along.

Thank you for your vote of confidence, we hope you will vote for us next year again and we would love to see you in Limpopo soon again!

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