5 exciting fun things to do off the beaten track in Northern Limpopo

5 exciting fun things to do off the beaten track in Northern Limpopo

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Unusual artists, routes for bicycles, colourful people in traditional attire, rare birds, unique plants and trees with plenty of animals to be seen in the rural landscapes of the Soutpansberg mountains. It is one of the most bio-diverse pieces of land on earth.

Sculptor Thomas Kubayi’s rural Vutsila Art Centre close to Elim in Northern Limpopo

A rewarding hit for most visitors of the region! The creative and relaxed atmosphere at this rural studio and art gallery can be part of a village tour in the North, your mission to buy the finest of local CraftArt, your dream to learn carving from a master in an unusual setting or your adventure to experience authentic traditional music and drumming. Thomas Kubayi owner of Vutshila Art Centre:  Tel +27(0)72 180 2398 PO Box 726 Mashamba 0942 [email protected]

Soutpansberg’s exciting new cycling routes

We love to support the Soutpansberg Mountain cycling club’s eco-friendly, socially responsible approach to having fun. The club recently opened 5 well-marked new routes, at this stage still for free. It caters for various levels of fitness and skills whilst also offering the opportunity to experience some of the extraordinary biodiversity of the UNESCO acclaimed Vhembe Biosphere Reserve, of which the whole Soutpansberg is part. www.soutpansbergcycling.co.za

Madi a Thavha mountain lodge’s Cultural Heritage Centre, Gallery and restaurant

Our lodge is a one-of-a-kind, cultural haven, showing-off and promoting the best CraftArt of the vibrant Venda, Tsonga and Northern Sotho cultures of the region. By prior arrangement, non-lodgers can visit the Cultural Heritage Centre, Dancing Fish Gallery, drop in at the lodge’s Textile & Design studio, buy unusual art and craft in the CraftArt shop and book delicious, home made Dutch-African fusion food meals at the restaurant.  www.madiathavha.com

Samson Mulaudzi, the Bird guide in extraordinary bio-diverse Northern Limpopo

Samson is passionate, professional, experienced and knows the area and its birds, inside out. He helped Birdlife South Africa to establish The Mottled Spinetail-project that focuses on getting the youth of the area to appreciate birding and to conserve the environment. We love his dedication to the region’s feathered citizens. Phone Samson at +27 (0) 836629960, or send an email to [email protected]

Venda Land of Legends day tour

Go on a day tour to the north of Venda with its awesome Baobab trees, charming villages with traditionally painted homesteads, raw beauty and famous artists. If you have time also see the biggest Boabab tree in the region (approximately 2000 years old) and the modern ‘Oprah-supported’ school with its super, eco-friendly design in the heart of the Venda mountains.Musa Machume or Marcelle Bosch at Phone +27 (0)15 516 0220 Cell +27 (0)83 342 4162 Cell +27 (0)83 498 2502 Fax +27 (0)86 648 2924 [email protected] www.madiathavha.com

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