4 good reasons to opt for local  guides

4 good reasons to opt for local guides

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To travel is to explore exciting new places and cultures. However, when sticking only to the beaten-tracks you may miss out on the best a destination has to offer – which is especially relevant when you are planning to visit Limpopo.

Whether one has limited holiday time or just want to spend it fruitfully seeing unusual places and doing things that interest you, local tour guides can be of great value. Unlike catering for huge groups, Limpopo guides can only take small groups and best positioned to tweak tours to fit guests’ preferences and interests. Knowing that, you might want to check these experiences in the subtropical and Baobab regions of Limpopo out as examples:

4 Good reasons why Limpopo guides are best

Save time before and during your trip

To make informed choices prior to your trip can save a lot of time and phone calls already.  Adding to that, guides can not only help you to identify choices according to your interests but also eliminate the ones which will waste your precious holiday time. Guides save several hours merely by knowing the best and shortest roads, most interesting people personally and knowing most of the local languages.

A while ago, one of our guests, a car mechanic in the Netherlands, visited a car fixing place in Elim with Musa, one of our local tour guides; it was an amazing experience for him to compare the European way with the rural way in South Africa.

Some visitors are bit scared to go on gravel roads if they don’t know where they are going, but have no fear when they have a local guide accompanying them. Also no need to feel shy to enter a traditional Venda or Tsonga homestead and meet local people when there is a guide who is an old friend or family-member to introduce you – this way guests get to see places and meet people they would never do on their own.

Authentic local knowledge

Tour guides are amazing sources of ‘real time’ information on local culture and heritage. The reasons and history behind certain songs, crafts or dances are what local guides know best growing up in the region. To know the taboos and the local lingo for things like food and greetings can be very helpful and entertaining too. Our local guides know the area like the back of their hands and can give you a first-hand account of the life in rural Africa.

Feel good supporting local business

One of the nice things you automatically do when travelling is to support local entrepreneurs – using a local guide is already doing just that. This provides a source of income to local communities and helps to build the economy and tourism potential of rural areas off the beaten tracks. What is more, travellers who visit an area with a local guide will be guaranteed a more authentic and rewarding experience, full of interesting tales.

Free your mind to record moments of joy

A guide might leave your hands and mind free to take enjoy the trip and take photos as well as point out great photo-opportunities you might miss when having to find the way yourself. Guides come in handy when you want you and your companions to be captured in the family photos too.

Happy travelling!


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