Nutritious meals and peer support

Vhutshilo Mountain School

Madi a Thavha mountain lodge supports Vhutshilo Mountain school in the Nzhelele valley in Northern Venda. The school, founded by Sue Anne Cook, opened its doors in 2002 and supports 50 HIV positive and vulnerable children from extremely impoverished circumstances. Most of them are orphans.

Nutritious meals and health-checks

The school prides education, two nutritious meals per school day, clothes, health check-ups by the local clinic and monitors for signs of abuse or neglect. Through their outreach programme they strive to ensure that the children are as well cared for at home as they are at school. The Outreach team assists the families to access government grants and provide food parcels and practical assistance as they wait for their application to be approved.

Free from stigma and peer support

The school works with the local HIV Clinic and children from the school are role models and peer educators to support other HIV positive children so they can live free from stigma. They also established an income-generating project for the orphans that left the school, so they can stand financially on their own feet. Madi a Thavha supports with providing sewing training and making glass beads from recycled glass. The learners stay at Madi a Thavha for training organised by the Madi a Thavha sewing team.

Guests can visit

Our guest are invited to support this project by sponsoring an orphaned child to provide balanced meals, clothing, medical assistance, schooling and a stimulating environment to grow up. During our tours to Northern Venda we visit Vhutshilo Mountain school.