Madi a Thavha School fund

We have 3 families of our staff staying at the lodge and we try to contribute to the education of their children. Two children stay permanently at the lodge and the others come home in the weekends and during school holidays. During the week they stay with their relatives in the village where they go to school. When the children are at the lodge, they enjoy swimming, playing at the playground, walking in the mountains and doing games. They also like to play with the children of our guests.

Ndevhodza, son of Paul, our handy man, attends a creche in town, where he can learn and play with other children. He also learns English at the creche which is very important for his further development once he’s ready to go to Primary school. Our guests make donations for the school fund and we use the money for Ndevhoza’s creche. The parents pay half of the fees and the other part is paid by the School fund.