Warm hospitality, great food and lots to see, do and learn

Lodge facilities

Madi a Thavha has a warm homey feel. Lodging guests are welcome to use and visit all lodge facilities. Reception is in the Farmhouse with its cozy lounge, fireplace, dining room, adjacent roofed terrace and an open plan kitchen.

Our chefs; Lufuno , Percy and Dzivhu  serve delicious home-made meals and are always on the look-out for new and interesting recipes to add to the variety of our menus. We often include our region’s subtropical fresh produce like macadamia nuts, avocados, bananas, litchis or even wild-harvested produce like Baobab powder.

To see at the lodge

All rooms and suites are a quick and easy walk to the Farmhouse and facilities.

The office, shop, lounge and dining room is in the Farmhouse with the pool & lapa adjacent.

  • In the Cultural Heritage centre, the history of the region is told in huge and colourful story-line panels. Those interested in what makes people of various cultures tick, or those interested in our people’s music and history, will find it well worth a visit.
  • Exceptional contemporary local art exhibited on the veranda of the gallery which can give you an exceptional preview of the artisans you might personally meet at their own studios on our rural village tours in northern Limpopo.
  • Pop in to see what we are up to in our Textile & Design studio where most of the lodge’s soft furnishings are made. We often have training courses or workshops for local community members or crafters here.
  • our CraftArt shop is stocked with unique, hand-made local products of the region.

To do here

Hiking and birding can be done practically from your doorstep. There are lovely mountain bike routes in the Soutpansberg – please note that you have to bring your own bicycles since there are no bicycle rental companies to be found in rural Limpopo.

Our pool is solar heated even if our winters are on average quite mild, so swimming can be enjoyed all year round.

Madi a Thavha is one of only a handful lodges in Southern Africa that offers authentic, rural lifestyle-village tours, which is very popular among our international visitors and avid photographers. To be surrounded by information about the region’s people adds real value to an authentic experience of Limpopo.

  • Farmhouse, Meals and Lounge

    Farmhouse, Meals and Lounge

    Our farmhouse is where guest meet, dine and share their experiences of rural Limpopo. Join us for wholesome and delicious home-cooked meals in our dining room or on the veranda, cozy in winter and cool in summer.

  • CraftArt shop

    CraftArt shop

    We give preference in our shop to handmade, local art and craft inspired by the rich cultural heritage of the Venda, Tsonga and Northern Sotho people of Limpopo.

  • Dancing Fish gallery with unique Cultural Heritage centre

    Dancing Fish gallery with unique Cultural Heritage centre

    The objects and panels in our Cultural Heritage centre tell the remarkable stories of the different peoples that formed the social landscape of Limpopo as it is today - do grab this opportunity to get the bigger picture in a colourful nutshell.

  • Textile & Design studio

    Textile & Design studio

    Our staff make the soft furnishings of the lodge and many other items we sell in our ArtCraft shop. They also do training and do custom-made products for guests.

  • Swimming pool, lapa & gardens

    Swimming pool, lapa & gardens

    Relax, feel the water and the earth, have a look at the stars and connect with yourself, family and fellow earthlings again.

  • Lodge activities, hiking and fun

    Lodge activities, hiking and fun

    For our young and energetic guests there is a crisp swimming pool and various short hiking trails at the lodge to explore the immediate environment.