Luxury Guest rooms with a twist of rural-hip

Guest rooms

Madi a Thavha’s 2 single Guest rooms are close to the lodge’s restaurant and facilities. Each have their own veranda with sweeping views on the surrounding Soutpansberg.


Rooms close to facilities

Guests are always thrilled with the local-culture flavour of our luxury interiors. Sagole Guest room is attached to the farmhouse but has their own separate entrances overlooking the pool and lapa. Luvhuvhu Guest Room is more private, but are connected with paved footpaths just a couple of steps from the pool, lapa and farmhouse.  All our rooms have TV and Wi-Fi. Guests are welcome to use or visit all the lodge’s special facilities at no extra cost.

‘Madi’ and ‘thavha’ means ‘water’ and ‘mountain’ in the Venda language. Madi a Thavha thus means “water from the mountain”. All our Guest rooms and suites have names related to the important, inter-connected water-bodies of Northern Limpopo. The sun shines on different mountain slopes during the day so that each veranda gets their own ‘special glimpse’ of the mountains each day.

  • Sagole Guest room

    Sagole Guest room

    Deluxe and arty Guest room for one. Cozy veranda overlooking pool, gardens and mountains.

  • Luvhuvhu Guest room

    Luvhuvhu Guest room

    Privacy and comfort in the fresh green interior of this single room and characteristic African Thorn tree on its patio.