Our CraftArt centre is where rural Limpopo meets urban Gauteng

Rural-urban collaboration in an approach that is as much about social development as it is about commercial enterprise
Madi a Thavha Mountain Lodge

Joburg Craft Art Centre

Madi a Thavha CraftArt centre recently opened doors at Victoria Yards in Lorentzville, the latest of Joburg’s exciting, inner-city-regeneration projects. Here we are marketing the rural Limpopo artisans that we support.

We are excited to display Limpopo’s talents this way, encouraging cross pollination between rural and urban skills and knowledge with artisans in residence programs and workshops. Madi a Thavha and Victoria Yards have the same business approach which is as much about social development as it is about commercial enterprise.

On these pages you get an overview of our Joburg CraftArt centre, see our changing selection of some of Limpopo’s finest handmade products in various categories like carved Wood and Natural materialsJewellery, Limpopo Bead work and Textiles, traditionally fired Clay pots and other authentic Limpopo products.

Upcoming events at Madi a Thavha CraftArt centre in Joburg and Madi a Thavha mountain lodge in Limpopo is on our event’s tab. You can also follow us on  Facebook or Instagram or better, visit us at our lodge in the Soutpansberg or  our CraftArt centre at Victoria Yards.

This South Africa is very interesting!

I’m French and it is the first time that I come to South Africa.. it is an amazing and beautiful place. You are very friendly. I love the colours you decorated the lodge!

Elodie, France
Madi a Thavha Mountain Lodge

Madi a Thavha News update

The mountains and valleys of Northern Limpopo has many surprises and delightful experiences to offer; a colorful spread of cultural heritage, CraftArt and extraordinary biodiversity awaits visitors who like to explore. With our News Update you can keep your finger on the pulse of special treats, tours, workshops and new discoveries in the vibrant North. Enjoy and thank you for visiting! Find more articles here »