Handmade products of local artists and crafters that we admire and support

CraftArt shop

Craft and Art of the talented artisans of Northern Limpopo is on display all over the interiors, verandas, lapa and gardens of the lodge. Our shop is in this way then part and parcel of our live-in Dancing Fish gallery.

Renowned, upcoming and young, Limpopo brims with creative talent

Some of our artists are internationally renowned and well established and some are young and upcoming, but all are equally talented artists and crafters of the North that we admire and like to support. We give preference to handmade art and craft inspired by and engaging with the rich cultural heritage of especially the Venda, Tsonga and Northern Sotho people of Northern Limpopo. Most products on display in and around the lodge, are for sale. Our CraftArt shop in the farmhouse stocks a wide collection of heritage based, handmade products from Limpopo and our own Textile & Design studio at the lodge.