A rich experience of the stories, customs and raw beauty of the Soutpansberg and its peoples.
Madi a Thavha Mountain Lodge


We present Madi a Thavha Mountain lodge as a destination. We believe in our beautiful area with all the exciting and creative things to do and to see and experience here, from mountain biking to cultural tours and workshops with our Venda and Tsonga and Northern Sotho artists and crafters. This CraftArt page is a celebration of rural hip Limpopo. Here we zoom in on the people of Northern Limpopo to give our guests a glimpse of the general vibe.

In the mean time we continue to visit old friends with new ideas, make new friends with brand new styles and always return inspired and excited to show you what we discovered this time! This is what compel travelers to return to Limpopo again and again.It is not always easy, it can sometimes be challenging, but it is always, absolutely worth it!

This South Africa is very interesting!

I’m French and it is the first time that I come to South Africa.. it is an amazing and beautiful place. You are very friendly. I love the colours you decorated the lodge!

Elodie, France
Madi a Thavha Mountain Lodge

Madi a Thavha News update

The mountains and valleys of Northern Limpopo has many surprises and delightful experiences to offer; a colorful spread of cultural heritage, CraftArt and extraordinary biodiversity awaits visitors who like to explore. With our News Update you can keep your finger on the pulse of special treats, tours, workshops and new discoveries in the vibrant North. Enjoy and thank you for visiting! Find more articles here »