Rural hip, that is northern Limpopo style art!


Rural artists  live close to earth. Connected to the worldwide web and being  grounded in the culture of rural communities, gave rise to an exciting rural-hip style developing in the far north of South Africa – one that draw from the rich cultural heritage of the north but also engage with modern mediums and universal politics.

Madi a Thavha supports the artists and crafters

The Venda, Tsonga and Northern Sotho artists work in  wood, clay, textile, beads, recycled metals, stone, bones, paper and even maize flour and dung. Their homesteads and workshops are hubs of creativity.

Madi a Thavha supports the artists and crafters with product development, workshops  and exposure to global trends and marketing. In our Dancing Fish gallery we present, explain and promote their work.  Here we also present the context of Limpopo art, from ancient stone-age times up to now. We frequently organise training and inspirational gatherings with artists at our lodge. Product design and developing production processes are also part of this service.

Madi a Thavha’s focus is ultimately to source, promote and provide CraftArt that reflects the unique, diverse and culturally rich northern regions of Limpopo Province in South Africa.