The golden thread of Limpopo's heritage

with local vibe, culture and art woven into the entire Madi a Thavha mountain lodge

Artisans of Limpopo

Madi a Thavha Mountain lodge focus on Limpopo's art and culture. Apart from our own Dancing Fish gallery and Textile & Design studio, we source, promote and sell local Limpopo Craft and Art, especially those that engage with the rich cultural heritage of Limpopo. Limpopo's rural artists’ work can be seen in cross-cultural context, a lifestyle in which many South Africans find ourselves. In rural areas our lives are still grounded in tradition and culture, shaped by our special environment, yet the rapid exposure to rural-urban movement, technology and social media, prompts an awareness to a world far more complex, often driven by commercial value rather than the spiritual and cultural ones we were used to. Rural artists’ work often responds to this awareness. This gave rise to a rural-hip style that comes out in many thought-provoking individual ways. It is our pleasure to share the personal stories and circumstances that shape the lives of Limpopo's artisans this way.

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Still thinking and talking of the excellent week we had!

"The friendliness and hospitality of the owner family and the staff are just grand. We can recommend this lodge a 100%."

Gundula and Volker Deutsch, Germany
Madi a Thavha Mountain Lodge

Madi a Thavha News update

The mountains and valleys of Northern Limpopo has many surprises and delightful experiences to offer; a colorful spread of cultural heritage, CraftArt and extraordinary biodiversity awaits visitors who like to explore. With our News Update you can keep your finger on the pulse of special treats, tours, workshops and new discoveries in the vibrant North. Enjoy and thank you for visiting! Find more articles here »