Master crafter Rebecca is a perfectionist

Rebecca Matibe

Rebecca Matibe is acclaimed as a master crafter by ‘Proudly South African’. She learned how to make traditional Venda pots from one of her husbands’ other wives.

Masterly clay pots and sculptures

She is a perfectionist and her shapes and finish of the pots, bowls, lamps and candle holders are of superb quality. Rebecca also creates sculptures of traditional Venda people using the same techniques and finishes as used for her pots. She lives and works with her son Micheck in Mufulwi village, near Mutale, Limpopo. Travelers can visit their homestead and experience the pottery work themselves by seeing Rebecca and Micheck at work. Guests even get the opportunity to make their own pot at times.

Contact details:

Meshack Matibe

+27(0)78 553 7239

Mufulwi, Thengwe