Actually "I am the king of the birds"

Kenneth Nonyama

Kenneth likes to carve fishes and crocodiles but actually “I am the king of the birds” he laughs, “because this is what my surname Nonyama means”.

Kenny Nonyama learned carving from his friend, well-known woodcarver and musician Thomas Kubayi. He makes fishes and medium high wooden sculptures of indigenous Limpopo woods. His sculptures mostly has a traditional Venda theme with beautifully intricate features and expression .

He mostly exhibits and work at Thomas’ Vutsila Art centre in Tshivhuyuni, Limpopo where he often joins Thomas and his friends for local traditional music sessions on traditional music instruments they made themselves, like various traditional percussion instruments, shakers the well known Mbila (hand-piano) or Xitimba (a string instument with calabash).

Kenneth Nonyama

Tshivhuyni village, Limpopo

Cell nr 079 024 9412