Maswanganyi is not afraid of colour, his bold style is easy to recognize

Johannes Maswanganyi

Johannes Maswanganyi was born in 1949 in Giyani. He presently lives at Noblehoek Village. Like many, he did not have any formal art training. He was taught by his father to carve functional objects from wood.

It became easy for me to make historical images.

He used to help the community with carved wooden cooking spoons mainly to cook porridge, bowls and musical instruments. He also began making wooden mortars, yokes, medicine wooden bottles (nhunguvani), and pictures of animals and images of people. “It also became easy for me to make historical images,” he says.

Teacher and internationally renowned

Nowadays he’s teaching interested young and old people how to carve and how to make clay pots and beadworks. His artwork has attracted the attention of overseas markets. In 1995 he flew to Munich in Germany to participate in exhibitions.

Contact details:

Johannes Maswanganyi
Tel +27(0)72 107 8730
PO Box 2088
Giyani 0826