Homu Minceka White have the skills, time and patience to do traditional Tsonga bead work

Homu Minceka White

Homu Minceka White is a group of women, based in the beautiful rural village of Makosha near Giyani, Northern Limpopo. They have the skills, time and patience to do the traditional Tsonga bead work.

Mincheka is a traditional beaded dook of Tsonga women

Their work includes the minceka, a traditional beaded shoulder cloth, expressing symbols of cultural significance and worn by married women. They also specialize in making the beadwork of the Sangoma cloths: white beads on black, red, blue or turquoise fabric. They like to revive these old techniques by making beaded cloths and panels for decorative purposes too.

Contact details:

Elna Mathonsi
Tel +27(0)78 354  9814
Makosha village