Baobab fruit is Africa’s true superfruit!

Eco products

EcoProducts was established with the vision of making a meaningful contribution to reducing rural poverty in southern Africa and conserving baobab trees through the production and sale of baobab products. EcoProducts Baobab Oil is the natural choice for healthy skin. It is a rich and nourishing oil with excellent skin moisturizing properties.

Boabab oil improves skin elasticity

Applied directly to the skin, it softens, encourages regeneration of cells and improves elasticity. It is widely used to alleviate dry skin problems associated with eczema, scaly skin disorder, skin cancer, sun spots and other skin ailments. As a tissue oil it can be applied where scaring or stretching has occurred and it is safe for pregnant women.

Community benefit

EcoProducts sources baobab fruit from communities who live in the poorest and most underdeveloped part of Southern Africa. Households are often headed by women, who have to support large extended families. There are few jobs in this area and local people rely on subsistence agriculture and social grants for their survival. Thus, working directly with these communities, brings much needed economic benefits.


The collection of seed for making baobab oil is sustainable and does not damage the parent trees in anyway. However, despite provincial and national legislation that protect baobabs, trees are being cut down to make way for fields, roads and houses. Through the sale of EcoProducts baobab oil this trend has been reversed in many areas.

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