Every Barok item highly sought after by collectors here and abroad


Barok creates fashionable skirts, trendy handbags and decorative wall panels. Since its inception, Barok has had great critical acclaim, with an editorial in Italian ‘Donna’ Magazine and about one-third of its sales is going overseas. Each and every piece is unique and everything, including the embroidery is done by hand.

The inspiration comes largely from various textile embellishing techniques employed in the past and present from all the different cultures in South Africa. Inspiration also comes from some North African designs: the wall panels are their version of the Fante Flags – Tongue in cheek, a wonderful way of covering a large wall and introduce colour to your home. Some trademarks are: bold use of colours, humour, use of quality fabrics (pure cotton, silk, wool) and impeccable finish to retain international standards.

Collectors items

They sold skirts and wall panels to an ex editor of Vogue, a collector of textiles in Los Angeles, a decorator in the trendy Marais section of Paris and a number of fashion lovers from all over the world. In a short space of time, anything made by Barok has become a sought after collectible item.

Unique handwork

Barok pays a lot of attention to detail, and even when they use similar colours, they try to keep every skirt unique. Where something could be appliqued by machine, they do it by hand. Their adage is ‘Many hands make a lot of work’, so previously unemployed rural women can now become financially independent and empowered.

Contact details:

Merle Payne
Tel +27(0)15 305 4511
Tel +27(0)72 990 8800
Vergelegen Estate
PO Box 122
Tzaneen 0850