I live at Noblehoek village under Chief Msengi between Phikela and Ximawusa

Amorous Maswanganye

My name is Rhulani Amorous Maswanganye. I live at Noblehoek village under Chief Msengi between Phikela and Ximawusa under the Municipality of Giyani. I was born on  27 April 1989. I started school at Noblehoek Haaka primary school and passed grade 11 at Noblehoek secondary school.

Johannes took me to his family

I’m an artist. I’m making sculptures. It is fine art. The well known artist Johannes Maswanganyi taught me. Johannes Maswanganyi is my father, but not my biological father, he is a younger father. My father and mother passed away in 1995. Johannes took me to his family.

Now I am doing people and animals

I’ve started this art in 2005. I have made birds and spoons first. I have sold that around the village. Now I’m doing people and animals. The first big sculpture I have sold was the Paradise. It has birds, trees and Jesus on it. The birds are on top of the tree. Jesus is at the bottom. Jesus is holding the stick. This Paradise was sold at the gallery of John Baloyi. Now my sculptures are sold at Mhlanganiso art gallery. Johannes Maswanganyi and Collen Maswanganyi are running this gallery.

Says Marcelle Bosch, co-owner of Madi a Thavha, “In 2013 we invited Amouros to stay at Madi a Thavha  for his summer holidays of  four weeks.  It was such a nice experience to see how well he related to our staff and guests in this different environment to his rural home life.  He had lots of talks about his work with our guests and he made quite a few carvings when he stayed with us. We sold his beautiful fishes at the Madi a Thavha CraftArt shop. Amouros is still trying to finish his Matric exams and would like to study fine Art in Johannesburg just as his brother Collin did, who is nowadays a famous artist”.

Contact details:

Amorous Maswanganye: 072 107 8730 or 082 642 3290.

PO Box 2088, Giyani, 0826

Noblehoek village