Afrikania, a unique pattern emerged where Tsonga and Northern Sotho people live together

Afrikania Pottery

Designer Tom Joubert, founder of Afrikania, was inspired by a unique pattern that evolved in a north eastern part of Limpopo where Tsonga and Northern Sotho people lived together. The local people here used this pattern to decorate their clay homesteads and cooking utensils. He developed this pattern further for his contemporary range of pottery.

The Afrikania pattern

Noticing this unique pattern in 1995, and becoming acutely aware of the need for local employment lead to Tom’s establishment of Afrikania in 1999 in Phalaborwa.

Applied as an important element at a new lodge in a Nature reserve North of Phalaborwa in 1997, the pattern soon revealed its true beauty and versatile nature as decoration. In 1998, when designer Tom Joubert, was asked to create something for a local church’s’ Art Bazaar, he made the first of what became a range of distinguished pots, plates and home decoration products, now traveling the world.

Modern ceramic manufacturing technology

Each artist Tom trained as producer, gave an individual interpretation of the pattern, making each object unique. Using modern ceramic manufacturing technology, carefully manufactured quality products ensure the preservation of these precious cultural elements, creates jobs and transfer skills.

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