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Visiting schools and community projects

We like to share our involvement with social development and education projects with our guests and offer them the opportunity to visit them.Guests can visit the children of our staff at the houses of their relatives in Tshiozwi. The children love showing their living environment and villages.  Vhutsilo Mountain school is an interesting project to add a visit on our various tour programmes. Teachers, learners or volunteers show you around and give information about the work they are doing with children in various age groups and various programmes.

Vhutshilo Mountain school – peer educators supporting HIV positive children

Vhutshilo Mountain School started their school for AIDS orphans in a mobile-home with the enrollment of 3 orphans, one teacher and her loyal domestic worker. Now they have 59 young students and monitor 115 HIV+ children from 19 villages as part of the outreach program.

Vutshilo works with the local HIV Clinic. Children from the school also become role models and in turn become peer educators to support other HIV positive children so they can live free from stigma.They also established an income-generating project for the orphan school leavers, so they can stand financially on their own feet. Madi a Thavha and our guests visit the school regularly. Madi a Thavha is involved in training at Vhutshilo: our handyman Paul, and our Textile & Design studio team do sewing and carpentry training and our lodge’s staff trained the crèche’s cooks in healthy food preparation. We also buy recycled glass beads from the women at Vhutshilo and make necklaces that we sell in our CraftArt shop again.

The school can be visited during our tours to Northern Venda. Guest are invited to support this project by sponsoring an orphaned child to provide balanced meals, clothing, medical assistance, schooling and a stimulating environment to grow up.