The ancestral spirits of Nature and the VhaVenda people around the sacred lake Fundudzi

Lake Fundudzi tour

Lake Fundudzi, Phiphidi waterfalls and the indigenous Thathe Vondo forest are some of the most sacred sites of the Vhavhenda people and an integral part of their spirituality.

Rather consult a tour guide

The tour to the sacred Lake Fundudzi and Thathe Vondo forest can be done as a day trip, starting at Madi a Thavha and driving back in the afternoon. We strongly advise to make use of the services of a local tour guide since the best roads are not easy to find and certain tribal protocols are required to visit some of the sacred sites. A tour guide can be booked at Madi a Thavha Mountain lodge.

Through Nzelele valley to the heart of Vendaland

From Madi a Thavha we travel North-East on the Witvlag road in the mountain valleys, past orchards down to the Nzhelele valley and through tribal land with traditionally painted Venda homesteads, small farms and mills. At Fondwe village we turn into indigenous rain forest alternated with the extraordinary bio-diverse bushveld-type vegetation so typical of the higher and less traveled valleys of the Soutpansberg mountain.

Special energy

After Vondo dam viewpoint, the sacred Lake of Fundudzi with its legendary crocodiles and the misty and sacred Thate Vondo forest. Your tour guide will tell you about the secrets and legends of Lake Fundudzi and of ancestral spirits in the Holy Forest, both of high spiritual significance for the vhaVenda people. The guide will also explain the importance of the sensitivities around traditional protocols and forms of respect in Venda, particularly for this region.  Here one can feel the special energy that is part and parcel of the vhaVenda people’s spirituality. This trip normally gives much to reflect on human value systems, respect and spirituality. The route ends driving back via the R 523 to the N1 and to Madi a Thavha Mountain Lodge.

 Lake Fundudzi tour rates

Lake Fundudzi tour
Tour including transport – tour guide – picnic. From 3 persons per person – valid until 31/10/2018 R 1170
Tour including transport – tour guide – picnic. for 2 persons, per person – valid until 31/10/2018 R 1755
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