Make music around the fire under the African stars

Cultural performances

Swinging entertainment with local performers. Few peoples can sing and dance like the Africans with their inborn rhythm and captivating ability to fill the air with their strong voices and rich harmonious songs.

Cultural performances part of everyday rural life

If pre-booked, Madi a Thavha can arrange cultural performances in the villages such as dancing, drumming, singing, story-telling or traditional music performances, where it is an embedded part of rural living.

Story-tellling is a dwindling art but still performed in deep Venda

Some activities, like storytelling around intimate family fires is a dwindling custom to be experienced only during special occasions in “deep Venda” while others like traditional dances in traditional dress, singing, choirs, music making and especially drumming are part of regular cultural festivals or spiritual gatherings in churches, family homesteads or at the headman’s  ‘kraal’.

Join us and book in advance, not always easy to find on demand

Artist Thomas Kubayi’s  music and art studio at rural Tshivuyini is on one of our tour-routes and a popular gathering place for dancing, singing and traditional music making whilst women and men of the Tambani embroidery project at Folovhodwe in the far north of Venda still practice the age old art of traditional story telling.

If booked in advance, Madi a Thavha can arrange various cultural performances in the Venda and Tsonga villages or at Madi a Thavha Mountain Lodge.

  • Thomas Kubayi – Tshivuyini: dancing, singing, storytelling performances
  • Madi a Thavha Mountain Lodge: dancing, singing, storytelling performances
  • Tambani – Folovhodwe: traditional story telling

Rates cultural performances

Since some cultural performances are seasonal and require a minimum of 6 participants – please inquire at the office and book in advance.

Including transport and snacks ( 1 – 5 people)  Valid until 31/10/2020 R 1900
  • All tour programmes and activities can be adapted to personal needs and interests.
  • Bookings can be made through | +27 (0) 83 342 4162 | +27 (0) 15 516 0220 |