Children make and play with their own toys. We are committed to social development & education

Community projects

We like to share our involvement with community projects with our guests and offer the opportunity to visit them. Guests can visit the children of our staff at the houses of their relatives in Tshiozwi by car or mountain bike and the children are always so excited to show their environment and village.

Madi a Thavha mountain lodge supports the following community projects as our commitment to our Fair trade in Tourism certification:

  • Madi a Thavha School fund
  • Supporting artists and crafters
  • Tswelopele crèche in Indermark
  • Vele school at Gogogo
  • Vhutsilo Mountain school near Siloam hospital

Various artists and crafters can be visited and they can show their homesteads and workshops. Tswelopele crèche, Vele school and Vhutsilo Mountain school are very interesting projects to visit on the various tour programmes. Teachers, learners or volunteers show you around and give information about the work they are doing with children in various age groups. You are welcome to support a project in kind or by donations. You can discuss their needs with the staff of the projects during your visit or with the Madi a Thavha staff.