Move with the sun and the moon and the stars

Swimming pool, lapa & gardens

Slow down, relax and observe the movement of the sun and the moon and the stars again.

Warm hospitality and excellent service

Most of all our visitors’ comments relate to Madi a Thavha’s unique ambiance, infused with the art, craft and customs of the rural peoples of Limpopo we also offer warm hospitality and comfort. The pool and lapa is the most popular spot for guests to relax, read and meet other travelers – surrounded by the mountains one can see the sun move on various slopes of the Soutpansberg during different times of the day. Swimming under the stars or under the magic of the full moon is an exhilarating experience for most people too. With our warm winters days and the pool being solar heated, guests normally swim right through the year.

Special energy

Huge old African thorn trees and majestic indigenous fig trees grace Madi a Thavha’s gardens – these and the mountain stream running behind the art centre, give our lodge a very special energy.