Dancing Fish a "live-in" gallery

Dancing Fish gallery with Cultural Heritage centre

The Dancing Fish gallery is a “live-in” gallery that encompass all the art, craft, heritage and culture being on display all over the lodge –  in the rooms, gardens, shop and very much so in our Cultural Heritage centre with its library, contemporary art gallery and adjacent Resource room.

Understand the social fibre of Limpopo in one go

The Cultural Heritage centre tell the stories of the different peoples that formed the social landscape of Limpopo as it is today. This is a great opportunity to get the bigger picture in one colourful nutshell. Valuable information about traditional healing, musical instruments, food and food preparation and the meaning of beads are on display in the adjacent Resource centre too. It has background information, research documentation, music and documentaries of great value to students and people interested to enrich their experience of what makes South Africans tick in general. Madi a Thavha was privileged to get the two remarkable and creative anthropologists, Petra Terblanche and Harold Kolkman to curate the centre and resources. They also contributed very valuable personal photos and historic items to be on display.

Contemporary art, a first-hand experience

The permanent exhibition of contemporary art in the gallery in front of the centre promotes the work of extraordinary Limpopo artists and crafters who follow their passions and pay their respects to tradition through the economic highs and lows of rural Limpopo. In the gallery – and on our village tours when meeting the artists – visitors can get a first-hand experience of the ongoing dialogue between ancient and traditional African ideas and modern life in the North. The labels attached to arts and crafts at Madi a Thavha contain the stories and memories of their makers and the unique ethnic groups that they are part of.