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A rich experience of the stories, customs and raw beauty of the Soutpansberg and its peoples.
Traditional and modern pots and clay objects in this rural village

Mukondeni Pottery Village

Mukondeni Village Pottery is a group of 15 women, established by Sarah Munyai. They produce traditional and contemporary Venda pots, fire places, bowls, clay beads and objects as decorations for their homesteads at Mukondeni, near Elim, Northern Limpopo.

Graphite and ochre from the Luonde Mountains to decorate

They dig clay from the river in their village and believe that river clay is the strongest clay for making the pots. The pottery products are decorated with geometric designs and various symbols like the fish, which is a spiritual symbol of their region. They decorate the pots using graphite and ochre from the Luonde Mountains. The pottery village and the home steads of the women who make the pots are open to visitors.

Contact details:
Perseverence Ramatshekisa
Tel +27(0)83 761 4455
Mukondeni village, Elim