A Colourful Experience

A rich experience of the stories, customs and raw beauty of the Soutpansberg and its peoples.
Traditional music instruments and wooden sculptures inspired by traditional stories

Lucky Ntimani

Lucky Ntimani lives and works in Mbokota, near Elim, Northern Limpopo.  He worked and lived in a 3 square meter workshop for four years before adding another studio and has a beautiful flower and vegetable garden with sculptures in it. He makes his own adobe bricks.

Multi-talented Ntimani with music in his blood

His parents discovered his artistic talents when he was a child, because he was always drawing, painting and glueing paper. Like many other artists in the vicinity of Elim, he got inspired by Jackson Hlungwani. Lucky is also a musician, playing guitar, marimba and many other traditional music instruments. He explains the meaning of a sculpture by the stories and music he is playing. He likes to teach young people in the community and to gain their interest in art and music.

“My artworks is about telling old Tsonga stories or about our culture. I learned carving  when I was young but I also got influenced by the late Jackson Hlungwani who also babtized me at 14 years. I  got my level 2 certificate in craft work at Leshiba Wilderness . I also attract people to my workshop with my garden with sculptures in the garden,” he explains.

Contact details:

Lucky Ntimani
 +27(0)81 845 8995 or +27(0)72 923 0253
Mbokota village, Elim