Play and fun for kids in rural Africa

Activities for children

Active and creative fun for the whole family – Madi a Thavha offers lots of opportunities for kids and their parents to experience a special and exciting holiday.

Fun in Nature, at the Lodge or in rural villages

We provide fun activities for adults and children either in the comfort of the lodge or on tour in the rural villages. This can include making jewellery of handmade glass beads, creating and decorating traditional clay pots on tour to Elim or to make music with the artists at their home-studios. Children delight in figuring out our activity boxes’ imaginative content at the resource room. The box with African fabrics and clothes for dressing up and doing performances is always a hit. While playing, children learn more about African culture and the daily life of people living in the rural villages too.

Child-friendly food and imaginative play

We always make sure that there is food that children like too. Children usually love to ‘braai’ over an open fire outside and to make ‘stick-bread’ or to roast and crack open macadamia nuts like the local people. A babysitter can be arranged when parents would like to enjoy dinner by themselves – we then serve the meal for the children in the family’s house. Toys and games are always at hand.  Creative children can also join the Madi a Thavha design team to make crafts in the Textile & Design Studio such as making necklaces and do fabric printing. There is a playground with adventurous activities and a trampoline and a nice solar heated swimming pool to enjoy too.

Creative activities on village tours

There are interesting activities for younger children on the Elim art and crafts tour too. During this tour they can play traditional musical instruments at the workshop of Thomas Kubayi and at Mashamba pottery the women are available to teach the children how to make and decorate a clay pot. The Venda and Tsonga people are very patient, friendly and love children.